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Growing your practice


Our Medical Website Design Services

Did you know that 90% of patients google health information and research their surgeon before making an informed decision.

As a Surgeon you need to have a professional web presence and that in turn is a well optimised and attractive Medical Website.

A successful Medical Website Design encompasses many factors and thats where Vuhze come in.

From SEO / Security / Hosting / Branding to UI and user experience, we will guide you from A-B in creating your new online presence.

Your site should be as an important and a key component in growing your practice and providing the end user all of the information they need in order to make the right informed decision.

4 Benefits of great medical website design

We develop beautiful bespoke websites and take the hassle out of maintenance, we focus on making your digital presence stand out whilst allowing you to focus on your business. Our development and maintenance packages give you the freedom to get your business online and running smoothly.


Build Trust

Great health websites need to portray trustworthiness. This means the design needs to be professional. Simple navigation can demonstrate trust and enable finding what visitors require quickly. Great UX design is how we achieve this so the patient can essentially familiarise and ‘learn’ your site within 5 minutes. Increasing conversions.

Establish Authority

Conveying your expertise is essential in converting potential patients. Patients need to have their queries addressed in a clear and concise manner. This is achieved by positioning and breaking down chunks of content into manageable sections.
We define your services and specialties.
Ensure you are found online locally.
Link to your patient rooms and locations.
Reassure referral patients.

Drive Efficiency

From easy Calls to action and simple contact forms your site should be able to allow to filter suitable patients and open initial conversations with them without getting in the way. This is achieved by communicating office hours, providing contact/booking consultation forms and automating a number of systems to ensure your time is used effectively.

Communicate Authenticity

Your website communicates your brand and online presence, we use a CMS to ensure that you can add up to date content periodically to your site to ensure that patients are well informed about your news and updates in services or to even reflect your individual personality.


Key Medical Website design elements

Your medical practice website is an extension of your physical practice and should create the best first impression. We focus on several key areas to ensure your Medical website stands out, these include.

Excellent UI / UX Design – from branding to colour pallets, we know the psychology of colour in website design and we use it effectively in our medical website designs.
Professional Branding and content
Services are clearly outlined including your achievements and specialities.
Call to Action – Patients should be able to reach you easily through booking forms or contact forms
Authority – An authority site ranks better than a non-authority site, we work with you to ensure that you provide current and up to date information which will then be looked upon by google as an authority site. We focus on Brand recognition, your professional content media appearances and publications.

Clinical Web Elements

Overview of conditions treated


Provide information on conditions treated (Authority building)
Treatment Choices and surgical options.
Non Surgical Options
Provide patient journies in easy to understand manner
Explain aftercare procedure and ongoing care packages

Non Clinical Web Elements

Surgeon CV and Photo – rapport building and connection to the surgeon.


Bio and about pages.
Team members if appropriate
Location for consulting and treatment rooms
Common questions and processes
Patient support
Clearly define pricing structure


Our partnership pricing structure encompasses everything you need to get up and running with your very own medical website. For practices or surgeons. We provide everything you need to get up and running.

For all custom enquiries please use the contact form and we will discuss it further.


Recommended for surgeons

Our full Medical Website Design Service


  • Website Development
  • 10 pages
  • consultation sessions
  • custom branding and identity
  • page speed optimisation




Recommended for small clinics and teams

Our full Medical Website Design Service


  • Website Development
  • 15-20 pages
  • consultation sessions
  • custom branding and identity
  • page speed optimisation




Recommended for Clinics

Our full Medical Website Design Service


  • Website Development
  • 25 pages +
  • consultation sessions
  • custom branding and identity
  • page speed optimisation



Custom Work

Recommended for content addition

In addition to our technical maintenance package we offer additional work purchase hours for larger tasks for our monthly clients.

This may include content upgrades, additional features added to your site. UI / UX overhauling. Rebranding, custom styling.

Content 500 words billed per 1 hour.

£90 ph



Maintenance / Infrastructure

Hosting / Security Handled

To ensure your website infrastructure and technical processes are taken care of by our team.

From security and hack protection CDN integration our subscription package ensures you are technically covered.

1 hr / Month dedicated support

£70 pcm

  • Hosting included
  • SSL Certificate
  • Security updates
  • SEO local setup
  • Google my business setup
  • Small content update
  • Maintenance
  • 2x Email inbox
  • 500mb storage / email
  • Full cloud backups
  • Technical support